Hair test - allergy testing now online

Food sensitivity testing with the hair test is now available online. Your hair can be tested for allergies and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Our team of qualified naturopaths will conduct your hair test using the latest EAV allergy testing technology.

The unique Allergenics allergy test scoring will show you which foods, plants or chemicals you are most sensitive to. And help your prioritise what to eliminate from your diet or surroundings.

1. Simply choose your test, 2. Fill in the short form, and 3. Send us a lock of your hair

We'll conduct your hair test and email your personal allergy test report, and a naturopathic prescription of what substances to avoid and remedies to help relieve your symptoms. No appointment necessary.

Allergy testing, diagnosis and your own personal allergy test report from a qualified naturopath for just NZ$119.

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"I am so delighted with the results that I have recommended your services to several of my friends and colleagues."
"I cannot believe what a difference this has made to my life."
"I am now able to enjoy a life without headaches and migraines"
"I cannot thank you enough for the insight you have provided with the hair analysis."
"I wish I had known about this excellent service years ago"
"I'd just like to thank the Team at Allergenics for helping me get my life back"
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Bloating Stomach Pain / Discomfort Abdominal Pain / Discomfort
Heartburn Flatulence
Belching Diarrhoea Constipation Nausea
Hay fever Sinus Congestion Asthma Hyperventilation
Chronic Post Nasal Drip Lung congestion Wheezing Cough
Chronic sore throat Ear infections Hoarseness
Eczema Dermatitis Hives Psoriasis Itching Rashes
Dry skin Oily skin Flaky skin Hair loss Oily hair Brittle Nails
Kidney stones Chronic bladder infections Bed wetting
Male Reproductive:
Prostate Enlargement Prostate Infection Infertility Low Libido
Female Reproductive:
Fibroids Polycystic Ovarian Disease Endometriosis PMS
Menopause Low Libido Infertility
Endocrine / Hormonal (general):
Weight loss Weight gain Heat Intolerance Cold Intolerance
Shaking and/or Sweating relieved by foods (sugars)
Cravings (food) Cravings (alcohol / nicotine)
Chronic Infections Frequent ear infections Slow Wound Healing Allergies
Anxiety Depression Inability to concentrate Insomnia
Irritability Fatigue Tremor
Joint pain Lower back pain Muscle pain / cramps Neck pain
Headaches (general) Headaches (migraine)

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